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Kakashi x Itachi
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So, what's the deal?

This is a community centered on the crack pairing of Kakashi and Itachi from Naruto. Yep, you read well. ^^

Eh? A Kakashi x Itachi x Kakashi? What the hell for?

Because you have so many communities of so many pairings over the web, but I have yet to see any that's for the Kakashi x Itachi one. Is it because I'm just strange for loving that pairing, or because I just don't look in the right places on the Internet? Either way, since KakaxIta deserves some loving too, even if only a little, they had to have a community.

So there.

The first KakaIta lj community ever, I bet. ^^

You're insane...
Probably. ^^

In the eventuality that I'd be crazy enough to join, what are the rules?

Ah,well... Here goes:

1. No spamming. It'd be somewhat annoying to go from discussing KakaxIta to, I don't know, the many ways to eat Oreo cookies... -_- I'm sure I don't need to expand further here.

2. Well, of course, like in any other Internet medium, it's important to respect the others. No bitching, humiliating, member-bashing, etc. etc. Period. But then that was a given.

3. There's no restraint on what you can post. Be it fanwork, comment, cosplay pic, even just a comment about how a song reminds you of the Kakashi/Itachi pairing. Whatever rocks your socks, as long as it's about Kakashi or Itachi. ^^

4. Well, in the case of art or fanfiction, as long as it is behind a lj-cut, and that there is a warning if it isn't worksafe, or schoolsafe, I guess it'll be just fine. ^^

How to join, anyway?
It's a open community. You can do so whenever you wish.

Last question: were you on cracks?
Sadly (or is it? ^^), nope. XD


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